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November 26th, 2011, 12:19 AM
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I still have not played in I think 3 months. I am not keeping track but that sounds about right, or maybe almost 3 months. /shrug I am still over it. Some of my friends still play and I will see there FL progression pictures on facebook and I just cant imagine sitting there anymore for hours on end when I could be spending that time with my son. He is not here yet, anyday now but still. The pands are SOOO lame. You would think a billion dollar company would come up with something more artistic, and you would think all the new tiers would have a new look. I mean, they are bringing back BC Pally gear, how original...AND you can now farm old raids for that gear so you can upgrade it to 85. Thats lame too. They really should keep the game more fun, I mean you have to pay for it. Its the least they can do! And the FL dailies, they are beyond repetitive. I miss the old WoW days and since it will NEVER be like that I will never play again. lol
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