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November 26th, 2011, 07:28 PM
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Just wanted to post a recap of my repeat c/s for others who want to hear experiences about it!

To start off, I had labored with my son over 24 hours before having a c/s with him due to his position and not dialating past 8cm. I don't really remember much about the c/s except how bad the "pressure" hurt, but I was so loopy and out of it from the epidural and whatever else they gave me before the c/s that I was half asleep for most of it. I was in so much pain during recovery, I took my percocet for 2 weeks straight before I actually felt ok (ok, not normal, just ok) enough to be without it. I didn't actually feel normal until 6 weeks post partum. It was not a fun experience to say the least.

So with all that, I was really nervous about my repeat c/s, I thought long and hard about a VBAC but that's a whole other post on why I chose to have a c/s instead. Anyways, I was nervous about having a 3 year old at home that I wouldn't be able to do anything with for quite a while after a c/s, nervous about being in all that pain again, nervous about not feeling present for the birth of my daughter, nervous about getting a spinal without the distraction of contractions, etc etc etc!

I arrived at the hospital to be prepped, they got my IV going (on the first try this time as opposed to the 6 it took with my son!) and talked to me about what would happen during the surgery and how it would go. I walked into the OR and it was freezing cold, I was immediately shaking because of nerves too. The table was super skinny, something I don't remember when I got my first c/s. I sat on it and the nurse helped me to relax while they did the spinal I was so nervous about. It went so well, I barely felt anything at all. First they numb the area so that causes a split second of burning but not unbearable at all and just for a second. Then they feel for the spot to do it and when placing it, it just felt like someone was pushing a finger into my back really hard. It was uncomfortable but not painful. I felt a small zing in my lower back and all of a sudden my feet and legs were warm and tingly, literally within seconds! That was it, it was over! So I lay back and they get me prepped for surgery with the scrubbing of the stomach and inserting the catheter. The whole time it just felt like my lower half of my body had fallen asleep...warm and tingly, you can feel them touching you but it almost tickles because you are numb, and never once did I feel any pain at all. During the surgery I didn't feel the amount of pressure I did with my son and I was so relieved the surgery didn't hurt like I thought it would based on my experience before.

After baby was quickly wiped clean, weighed, and measured my husband brought her over to me to sit with me for the rest of the surgery which didn't seem to take too long. All in all, surgery lasted a little less then one hour from the time I went into the OR (11:40ish) to the time I was in the recovery room (about 12:30) and my daughter was born at 11:54, pretty quickly after they started the actually surgery.

As for recovery, the first night was GREAT! The morphine they put in with the spinal lasted all day and night so when they got me up that night to walk to the bathroom and cleanup, I literally walked as if nothing was wrong, I felt no pain and unlike my first c/s I didn't have to push a towel against my incision just to sit down or get up. It was so awesome! Once the IV was out and I was taking pain pill by mouth as opposed to via IV, the pain of moving around was a bit more but soooo much more tolerable then the first time when I had a searing pain in my incision no matter what I did. I only took the percocet for day 2 and after that I was on motrin until day 5 only. I was able to be up and moving without massive pain. I'm now 8 days post partum feel like I'm back to about 90%...the only thing I can't do still is bend all the way to the floor and it hurts if I sneeze but other then that I am normal! I was able to do the stairs in my house without pain on my first day home (day 4). Basically, I'm just so happy that my recovery has been so easy this time!

I hope this helps someone who has a c/s coming up and may be nervous about it like I was, it was helpful for me to read other people's experiences!
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