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November 28th, 2011, 05:50 AM
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Good to meet you! I'm Que and I am pregnant with my 4th. My first two babies were scary and rapid inductions due to pre=eclampsia, and my last was a normal and natural delivery without even and IV. I hope to have a similar experience this time.

Sorry your family isn't supporting you. The same thing happened to my SIL. Our family kept telling her that she was putting her baby in danger. I was doula-ing her and I had the be the "bad guy" the entire time, because they thought I was brain washing her, when really I was just helping her follow her birth plan. She had a great epidural-free delivery too. Even thought the family was super annoying.

With the support of the ladies here, and doing some good reading, you'll feel well prepared to have the delivery you want.
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