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November 28th, 2011, 12:59 PM
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That tethered grows in length with her. I would say the first 3 year with a child you may morn the loss of freedom but soon enough she'll want to go to friends houses, camp things like that and you guys will be "yourself" more. As an adult you have to relies none of the elderly "issues" fall on her in our culture.

Raise her with an (or more) adopt-a-grandparent so she has compassion for the elderly. If she's a big part of her grandparents life, even when they are not well, will help. Volunteer with her delivering meals on wheels. Make being around elderly a part of regular life. You take care of your needs for aging care while you still can. Find a place that you wouldn't mind being on your own for long amounts of time. Treat her friends like your child, because it's likely they'll visit also. I know several people that do not have visitors as they get older because they weren't the nicest to be around o r the people around them are scared (lack of a better word) of older people. All you can do is raise her and hope but whether you have 1 or 25 children the outcome may be the same. As for grand-children if I don't have any I can "adopt" my nieces and nephews children or find a way to fulfill that need later.

Also if I do regret it we can always think about adopting.

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