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November 28th, 2011, 02:07 PM
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Hi Mandy!! I'm not a regular poster over here (although I wish to be), but I just wanted to say Hi from a fellow April 12 DDC'er. The fact that you came here and want to know more puts you ahead of a lot of pregnant women (in my eyes) regardless of how the actual birth comes out. My best advice is to read read read and educate yourself on exactly what you want and why. That way, when your DF's family starts questioning you, you can come back with what you've learned and hopefully educate them to change their minds. If they are so set in their dumb ways, then just ignore them. I had co-workers and friends who when I told them I wanted a natural birth the first time thought I had lost my mind and always said "you'll see" and I showed them. Even if it doesn't turn out your way, you are still wanting the best for your family and I think that shows great "mothering" from you and if your in-laws want to be jerks, then you can do without them.

As far as the "when to go to the hospital" question, for me DH and I were both very educated (through our Bradley class) on the stages of labor so it was very apparent where we were and what we had left and I think we did great on timing. Of course, it also depends on how far from the hospital you are and if you have any other risks (pre-e) going on. Again, I think if you educate yourself, you'll be able to really know when to go.
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