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November 28th, 2011, 04:06 PM
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I donno whats wrong with me now. I'm just feeling a little down lately, I really feel like crying today. Mark and I kinda got into it this morning about me needing to call the dr (for the d&c) today and I told him i wasn't doing it. My last 2 miscarriages did fine on their own, this one will to I'm sure. Not only that - whats the point in going in now, he doesnt want to try untill May. So who cares if the sac stays in there untill then...Not me. I dont really want to wait untill may, I wan't to try again In january. If we wait untill may that means I wont have a baby untill 2013. I dont want to wait that long then Zaylee will be 3 and I wanted her some what close to another baby. And honestly at this point she wont be close at all. I'm just sad about life right now.

Mark and Kayla
Jasmine-7, Eamon-4, Zaylee-1
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