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December 1st, 2011, 08:54 AM
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So this morning around 4am I hear this huge truck go by and then it sounded like to hit something in the road and it woke me up. I got up to look to make sure it didn't hit a car or something, I saw nothing. So while I was up, I went to the bathroom to empty the water I drank just before bed and when I wiped... there was a lot of CM with pink tinged blood all mixed in Like enough to really make me worry. This is the first time I've spotted that much blood, the other times it was just a tiny bit of pink CM and then a few days ago it was a tiny streak in the CM but this was like the CM was all tinged pink with blood. Even the paper was orangeish from it.

Now I've gone 2 more times since then and not seen anything. And I have no cramping, not even last night. The first time I has pinkish CM was while I was having some bad cramps right after I found out I was pg, so I thought it was m/c right then. But most of the time even when I have light cramps I didn't spot. I can't help but worry.. especially when the OB said the other day that with the beta levels I had he thought we should have seen more on the u/s... So now I'm really worried I'm around 5w3d and scared to death I'll lose it.

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