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December 1st, 2011, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by TKbunny View Post
I did wonder if it was from the u/s on Tuesday... but not sure if 2 days later it would still be going? So you had some too? I hope we're both ok. Yeah, she was poking around a lot looking for that yolk sac lol. It didn't hurt, but was not very comfortable for sure. Did you have any spotting before now? Or with your first LO?
Yeah I had a little after the u/s and yesterday too. Today it looks more like light pink tinged wet/creamy CM. I hadn't had any spotting or anything before then.
With my DS I had spotting that I actually thought was AF for a couple of days. I didn't pay much attention cause I was going through a dingbat stage of my life. I went for my annual check up and found out I was almost 8 weeks pregnant. So what I thought was AF was just random spotting because I was actually pregnant. I didn't have any spotting after that though.

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