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December 1st, 2011, 03:51 PM
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How did you decide to go? I decided I should go while 'well' because eventually I would have too. I went after my DH had been going there for a while.

Was it inpatient, day treatment, or out patent? Currently it's outpatient but it could go to day treatment or inpatient when / if I ask.

What was intake like? I was a walk in at 8 am they gave me about 6 pages to fill out. Then I was called back and talked to a guy for about 3 hours (DH's intake was about 45 min.). He brought my ED up and asked a few questions. Then we moved on, it was a lot less stressful then I thought it was going to be.

He then set me up with a psy. and reminded me they won't force me to take medication but it's so I have a Dr. to go over treatment and help me decide what's best for me and set me up with a therapist.

What happened after?I went to the psy. 2 weeks later. We talked, DH talked, psy. dx. me with bipolar 1 again. I told him I didn't want meds. He thought it would help. We talked more. well. He took out all the meds. that can worsen my ed or make me gain weight so it limits what I can take. I asked for welbutrin again. He told me no. I pouted, and told him that that was the only thing that has helped so far. he gave me a choice of three and his suggested one. I told him my concerns including me not take meds. properly. Told me to think about it. We moved on to questions about my ED. He told DH that he's not aloud to worry or bother me about it until I no longer have periods regularly. Asked if he can occasional weigh me, that was a no. He asked about the meds. again. I agreed and then set me with an appointment in a month.

A month later he added an anti-depressant that has a short half life just in-cases I stopped taking it.

My therapist has seen me two times. First time she suggested I may have ADHD and was very confused with some of my answer. Second time she talked to DH about me.

How has it been / was? My Psy. Is really good. My therapist is still confused about how to approach me because I've stopped therapy so many other times.

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