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December 2nd, 2011, 08:57 AM
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So, if I ovulate on time this month FF will tell me to test either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I am SO TORN as to whether I should follow their advice and wait it out or not. I would just be way too sweet to get a BFP *ON* Christmas! HOWEVER.....I don't want to "ruin" Christmas with a BFN. I'm especially torn because I really feel like we have our best chance this cycle. I am on a higher dose of Femara than I've ever taken (7.5mg) and my doc is dilating my cervix on CD 11 to give the swimmers an easier path to travel.

The realistic side of me says, "Who are you kidding? You know you'll be testing 3 times a day starting at 8 dpo!" LOL! But oh how I would love to get that wonderful, beautiful BFP on Christmas morning. Since starting TTC #3 one cycle ended with AF showing up 2 days before my birthday......this past cycle ended with AF showing up ON Thanksgiving Day..... If this cycle ends with AF showing up ON Christmas Day, I just think that'd be about the biggest kick in the teeth EVER!
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