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December 3rd, 2011, 01:34 PM
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This pregnancy hasnt been the easiest for me...I am in extreme pain lately and my hormones are off the wall. Sometimes I dont even feel like im in my own head. But today I was cleaning the whole house because I know baby could come any day and it needed to get done. My husband was on the couch and didnt offer to do a thing. I went and started crying and then he flipped saying he works full time and just wants to relax. Its not like I wanted him to clean EVERYTHING just maybe grab the vaccuum that was in the middle of the floor and do a room. I dont know......Its so hard because I cant explain the whole situation. I just needed to type I guess. Now he just texted me from work and said "we will talk later, this marriage is not over." Am I letting my hormones get the best of me?
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