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December 4th, 2011, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by New Mama View Post
I want you to know that I agree with you from a motherly standpoint. Just because a man fathers a child, that does not entitle him to being a "father."

Unfortunately, I imagine it's different from a legal perspective, although I can't imagine a court/judge granting someone custody (at least not joint and certainly not immediately) after not having seeing their child for years.

I didn't mean to suggest AT ALL in my post that you should just hand your child over to him. He would be a complete stranger to her and obviously you really don't even know him anymore or trust him so way! I hope it's never an issue for you.

I just know that a time could potentially come where she does ask or where he does contact you and you may have some serious decisions to make regarding how present he is in her life, should either one of them (more him than her) choose to pursue a relationship. Does he live in close proximity to you?

I hope I didn't offend you or come across as agreeing with him.
Oh no I didnt think that at all I don't know where he lives exactly... his last known address was where he lived with me. He then moved to Texas and no one would tell me where he lived. Then he moved back to Colorado and no one would tell me where he lived again... but from where I think he lives, is his grandfathers house. But again, I dont know for sure. I really have no **** idea where he lives. I dont even know where his mother lives anymore. His entire family basically shoved us aside and so I have no freaking idea where any of them are. It's such a twisted situation, and I just am waiting for the day where he pops up and thinks he has the right to be in her life after all this time and after never, ever being there, and I have no idea how I will keep my cool, ya know?
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