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December 5th, 2011, 02:27 PM
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I've been a few times but my first experiance:

How did you decide to go? i was forced

Was it inpatient, day treatment, or out patent? inpatient for 2 months

What was intake like? first there was a phone interview about an hour long and then at the hospital it was about an hour of questions, then a physical (check your body over for cuts, brusies (self harm type stuff) as well as blood pressure, weight, etc) then a photo was taken and a tour then getting settled into my room and onto the progrm

What happened after intake? ooops just said it tour, getting settled and then joinging the other girls in the program

How has it been / was? it was really ackward for me ... i felt like i didn't belong there ... i wasn't sick enough (who doesn't think that?!) it was hard to open up, i fought the program really hard because i didn't want to be there and i wasn't ready to be healthy - i wanted to be sick still
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