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December 5th, 2011, 03:18 PM
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I have been to inpatient and outpatient. How did you decide to go?

Was it inpatient, day treatment, or out patent?
I went through outpatient when I was a teenager. It was "forced". I did not really get better. I decided as an adult to seek treatment again (volunteer). I did not get better and crashed at one point and had to go to inpatient. This was ultimately voluntatilry but I was not really given an option.

What was intake like?
it was different for inpatient and outpatient.
outpatient was several questions, getting to know you and evaluations. Inpatient was tests, etc.

What happened after intake?
Same as above. For outpatient, I started seeing the outpatient treatment team on a regular basis. For inpatient, I was admitted to the ward and the treatment goals were established as well as the estimated length of treatment. I was inpatient for around 8 weeks.
How has it been / was: It has been a very long struggle, but doing better. I still see my outpatient treatment team.
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