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December 7th, 2011, 01:31 PM
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I have been through many rounds of treatment, mostly inpatient with a step-down program (to intensive outpatient, then outpatient).

I have a variety of experiences, not sure which one/s is most helpful/applicable.

I was forced into treatment sessions 1, 2, and 3. I opted for sessions 4, 5, and 6.

Session 1 was two months long. It was stupid, potentially more harmful than helpful. Inpatient with no step-down program. Hospital setting. It took a boatload of paperwork on my/my parents behalf. It was boring, but I was not into listening anyway. It was probably the most pointless treatment of my experiences.

Session 2 was about 11 months long. It was the most medical experience I had. Also hospital setting. Inpatient for most of that time, some intensive outpatient in the last month. Again, lots of paperwork, but my parents filled it out because they had power of attorney and I was not capable of doing so. I did learn a lot from that experience and think it was ultimately the most helpful of the stays. I just had not *quite* gotten it yet.

Session 3 was another 11-13 months (I know those two combined were almost 2 years total). It was the same setting as session 2. This one had more intensive outpatient and it was rather helpful when paired with session two. They were only separated by a few months anyway. Again, this was a helpful session and I think I learned a lot. I was improving, even if not enough to stay out of treatment.

Session 4 was short and sweet (6 weeks). Same venue as two and three. Just a tune-up. My first time choosing to go in. Although strangely that did not feel as empowering as I thought it would. Lots of paperwork for me, since I was capable of doing it and admitting myself. All inpatient. I left because I really had exhausted that program to the fullest extent.

Session 5 was 9 months long. At a private treatment center, inpatient. Was wonderful for learning independence, motivation, and about myself. I was ready and it was not too much leg-work getting in. Not a ton of paperwork. I liked the staff and the program itself. Only downfall was that it was not enough support for me and I needed a little more intensity. Overall, it was very helpful for non-ED stuff (like self-esteem, living independently, self-motivations, etc).

Session 5 was my last session, over 6 years ago. It was at a residental treatment center. Inpatient (had the option of outpatient, but was not local for me). TONS of paperwork and legwork to get in. Felt like it would never end. Great program, lots of benefits to it. Would prolly choose it again if I ever needed treatment again (inpatient). I exited on my own accord (which most treatment centers are not a fan of)...but did nothing but improve after leaving.

I hit "matenience recovery" of body and mind about 12-18 months after leaving. Have been there ever since. Still do see my counselor and don't intend to stop. I do think that for ME, I needed lots of treatment to really "get" it and be able to apply it. I am a stubborn one and it is prolly what ultimately worked for me. I figured a brief overview was best suited. I did not mention locations...but would if someone needed me to.
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