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December 7th, 2011, 01:54 PM
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I feel like that last picture was a lifetime ago...I

My MIL has always been very October, she went in for hip transplant surgery, and nothing has been the same since...we visited her on Wednesday (11/16) and she looked bad, but she was so so happy to see us, and we were able to tell her about the baby then as well...thank goodness...

I took my 14 week picture on Tuesday (11/22)...that day we found out that my MIL was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, but she was getting medication and we thought that she would be ok...then Wednesday (11/23), she had a lot of trouble breathing...went to the ICU, had to have a tube down her throat to help her breathe...we rushed there on Thursday morning...she was critical but stable, just had to wait till the pneumonia cleared up in her lungs...we stayed there till Sunday, they said at the time that she had improved a bit and should be off the ventilator within the next 2 days...Monday, her condition deteriorated - the morning, her kidneys, by the end of the day, it was all her organs - failing...they rushed her up to the hospital near us to see if anything could be done...but nothing Tuesday morning, we got the call that because she had a do not resuscitate order, if we wanted to say goodbye, we had to go immediately...we rushed there, and within 2 hours she passed away...

It has been incredibly rough around here...Matt and I were very close to her (even though we complained a lot because she could be a bit bossy, there was absolutely no doubt about how much she loved and cared about us - and especially Kaiden) and have wanted nothing more than to make sure that her wishes were followed...but his brother (and fiancee of like a month - who she had never met) were not...they got here too late (we are in Florida, they are in California) and blamed us for not telling them soon enough along with a host of other has been absolutely horrible - a nightmare...and on top of grieving the loss, dealing with a cranky toddler who wont sleep and can sense the tension, getting no sleep, and handling all the arrangements that have to be made (she was not expecting to go anytime soon either)...we have had to deal with being accused of everything under the sun and been judged and yelled at for trying to follow her wishes...

I have been hysterical for almost the whole week, and what makes it worse is knowing that I'm hurting the baby on top of it...

Because she passed away in a different county then the funeral home, we are unable to get the remains until next week...thank goodness they left, but the nightmare continues for at least 2 more weeks...this has been the worst few weeks of my life.

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