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December 7th, 2011, 04:48 PM
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The ultrasound showed that Liam has

an SUA- Single Artery Umbilical Cord aka 2 vessel cord


an EBF- Echogenic Bowel (focal) aka bright bowel

They are soft markers for genetic problems most commonly down syndrome. But my NT scan showed almost no chances of downs or t-18 soo that could be good cause sometimes the EBF resolves itself and the SUA ends up meaning nothing, but it could be bad cause there could be a different problem. And if nothing else it can also lead to IGUR - growth restriction.

I have to call in the morning to make an appointment with a genetisist to get more information, and discuss testing and prenatal care. Honestly Im not that worried, right now I just want more information, but Liam will probably be fine. One problem though is going to be the costs and what our crappy insurance will and will not cover. We aren't poor but we aren't rich and this stuff can get expensive.

So for now T&P's appreciated for Liam's health and our financial situation and Ill KUP

Also if anyone has any positive stories about SUA and EBF I wont mind hearing those


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