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December 8th, 2011, 06:27 AM
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Well u had a very long n productive day. I'm not so sure i care for your nurse I understand y she was upset but she shouldn't have chewed u our cuz u r a high risk patient she should have just explained the rules. N she is right bout u taking more than prescribed u could have brought harm to u n d baby. I'm glad n d end u walked out with a piece of mind. The dr is right u r not out the woods no one is to be honest. Anything can happen to anybody nobody is promised tomorrow. Not u r your baby r anyone on jm. So with t that being said enjoy life enjoy every minute u r pregnant. U r doing everything possiable to keep this baby alive now sit back n enjoy n let God do his part cuz he can be ready for him/her now r 90 years from now. Gl Noami

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