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December 10th, 2011, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Quantum_Leap View Post
It is in no way my place to determine whether someone else is or isn't a Christian. I'm pretty sure Christ would agree with me.
This exactly. We are ALL sinners, and we are ALL equal at the foot of the cross.

Being a Christian does not require one to be perfect, far from it! It's a statement of belief that Jesus Christ saved us from our sins. ANYONE can be a Christian, strippers, prostitutes, murders, anyone. The inability to remove oneself from a certain lifestyle or making a poor choice doesn't mean a person is not a Christian or even that they are a bad Christian. It just means they have an area of their life that needs work. We ALL have these areas (Christian or not), some may just be less obvious to people on the outside.

As far as whether or not she is a hypocrite? Well, not necessarily. That entirely depends about how she acts, talks, believes about the entire situation and how she acts and what she expects of other people.
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