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December 11th, 2011, 09:13 AM
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Of course ANYONE who believes in Christ and believes He died for them as a way to atone for their sins, is a Christian. People tend to view Christians as perfect people who can do no wrong, but that's not true. You can believe in Christ and do a crap load wrong...It's a matter of people choosing to live a Christlike life, which let's be honest here, is VERY difficult!

Sometimes, people have bills to pay and get desperate. I can't imagine anyone actually falls into stripping because they felt like it. They probably got to a point of desperation and had no money or lost their money and decided this is the "only" way.

That said, I feel people need to be accountable for their own choices in life. If you choose to be a stripper because you feel there's no other way to pay your bills, you have to understand that this kind of behavior is against the teachings of Christ and try to do what you can to get out of that behavior and choose better next time.

Christians almost always fall off the "religious" wagon so to speak.

I'm a Christian myself and I can't explain a lot of things. I can't explain why I have made choices in my life that are not the best choices, especially when the consequences of these choices were not always good ones. But, I know and recognize those things. Not everyone does.

Now, what I"m speaking about is normal, everyday people. I cannot speak for drug addicts, rapists or murderers. I have no idea what they believe in or if it's real because I can't imagine that real Christians would actually do those things. Murderers and rapists never reap a benefit, not really because their crimes are illegal and eventually, they will get caught (even those who get paid to do a hit). Strippers reap a benefit of money to pay for their homes by doing a legal and acceptable activity.

That said, if society were not sex-crazed, maybe strip clubs wouldn't be so abundant and people wouldn't have the idea in their heads that stripping is a viable option.
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