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December 11th, 2011, 03:19 PM
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Everyone sins. It's impossible to never sin in your life. Only Jesus himself has. Every sin is equal in God's eyes. The liar is just as guilty as the murderer. We may not think that is "right", but we have no right to judge any human for their actions, that is God's job. I've known 3 strippers in my life. 1 was a single Mom who had been raising her daughter alone from 3 months on. The only job that would support her and her daughter, while also allowing her to attend college to get her Master's degree to have a better life, was stripping. She finally got out of it when her daughter was 7 years old, shortly after graduating. She is and always has been an amazing Mother and person. She attended church the entire time she was a stripper, and still attends the same church to this day. God loves her just as much as He loves his own flesh and blood, Jesus. We are all His children, no matter our past or current struggles.

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