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December 11th, 2011, 07:18 PM
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Hello ladies and happy December....where did the year go? Sorry haven't been around much lately...been busy...too much going on for me to comment on everyone, but I'm glad that everyone who is good is good and my prayers go out to those that need ya all....

I've been dealing with some health crud too. I developed a very painful backache sometime last weekend. Not sure what was going on, but just figured it was my arthritis flaring up. Ignored it. By the time Monday rolled around, I wasn't doing too good. Suffered through Tuesday but Wednesday morning could barely function. Had a really hard time getting Matt out of the car and lifting and driving and breathing get the pic. The pain is just about where the bra strap goes. Called the doc finally. They took me in and sent me for bloodwork and xrays. Then called in the afternoon to say that it looks like I have a compression fracture in my spine. Told me they would call Thursday with more info. Thursday said that I shouldn't lift anything, need more bloodwork, a bone density scan, and to go see my arthritis doc and an orthopaedic doc. Arthritis doc said that he doesn't think that it is a fracture, but my arthritis acting up badly. Wanted me to take some meds and said that I should feel 70% better in am...(nope!) And to come back Tuesday. (and all but said that the visit to the ortho. doc was gonna be a waste) Ortho doc said that he isn't sure, but is leaning towards no fracture, but wants to be sure so he is ordering an MRI. Then I get the paperwork in the mail from the xrays saying that there is no fracture, but it is the arthritis. But another sentence says that there are no indications of the arthritis. AAARRRGGGGGG!!!!!!! So here I sit, with a massive pain in my back. I can't cough, sneeze, or lift without pain. Matt must think something is wrong because I won't pick him up....So I wait....
Sorry this is soooo long...I'm just so frustrated and had no one to talk to...Thanks for listening girls!

Oh I forgot, here are a couple of pics of Matt. These are the most recent ones....


Love to share pics on my facebook....

casey cochran melanson
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