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December 12th, 2011, 09:54 AM
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Haven't talked to the doc yet, but just finished my u/s and my Cervix is now between 1.4 and 1.6cm. The tech also said she saw a slight "v" forming and baby's head was directly on my cervix. I'm so scared right now. The tech keeps saying how the cervix is a muscle and it can expeand and contract...I just wish I was further along. Now I'm sitting in the waiting room crying and I can't stop.

I mean, what else can I do???

************************************************** **************

Well I'm home now...longest day ever.

In addition to having gotten shorter, my cervix is also now starting to soften...of course it is. I gave doc a rundown of my day, which doesn't include any activity outside of taking Noelle to daycare, getting something to eat, and using the bathroom. She said I'm doing well. She's even ok with me taking Noelle to daycare. So, I'm to continue working from home and am on pelvic rest, and cannot clean my house. She also wants me to try to recline a little bit when I'm sitting in my bed.

I'm to continue on the prometrium (progesterone) and she now wants me to start taking the procardia twice a day. I go back in a week for another u/s, internal check, and NST. I think that's about it.

Thanks for all the thoughts guys. At this point, I'm thankful for every day that I can get him to stay in.

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