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December 12th, 2011, 03:50 PM
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Any plans? Traditions? Thoughts?

Do you make resolutions?

New Year's Day is the day hubby first asked me out, 2000. Yep, Y2K. We were working together, supposed to close at midnight but closed early just in case the computers crashed. LOL We were closing down at midnight, missed the countdown, so we stayed to do some deep cleaning (convenience store) so we could catch the one at 1am. Missed it too though, so we decided to stock the cooler so we could catch the one at 2am. Turns out there's not one at 2am. LOL Or, at least it's not aired here. Hubby says now if we'd actually caught one he hoped to kiss me. :kiss: Which is funny, because he didn't even ask me out until we were in the parking lot a half hour later.

Then, a year after that, he asked me to marry him on New Year's Day.

And has had to work every year since, even if he gets to stay home for midnight and go in late. He's always had to work. Not this year!! WAHOO!

Sushi and a bottle of wine for me! And a kiss at midnight!! And who knows, maybe a "party" after that.

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