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December 13th, 2011, 07:19 AM
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O.k...So here is the thing that I am worried about. I am a SATM, but I have been able to get a little job, 1.5 hours a day at my kids school. Lunch hour supervisor and I supervise the Kindergartens after lunch for like 25 mins when they have quiet time. When I first got pregnant I noticed on the ceiling in the KG classroom and little square tile and on a part of it it was black and kind of peeling, looked like it had rotted. My immediate reaction was it was black mold. I told the principal( who is not a very pro-active kind of principal) When I got home I called MotherRisk. A hotline in Toronto Canada about the dangers of meds etc,. during pregnancy and breastfeeding and they told me that there is no danger to the fetus. Although when you check on the net it is just really scary stories, about birth defects, miscarriages. I trusted Motherrisk and I am still in the school. Again yesterday I stared worring about it again, and I called up the hotline again and explanied that I was still concerned about it cause of the things I read on the net. She said the things on the net is about high concentrations of mold that were fed to animals during gestation and humans would not be exposed to those doseages. There are no scientific studies on humans to prove this.
Should I listen to Motherrisk or is it really dangerous. What should I do. They say that for the amount of time I am there it is not dangerous. My husband assure me that everything is fine and if he thought for the slighest bit there was a danger he would have made me quit along time ago.
What do you ladies think...
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