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December 13th, 2011, 12:40 PM
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Most of my friends past and current know I have struggled with it. Although current ones have no clue to the severity, past ones were there.

All of the people in my life are either supportive or apathetic (in a good way). Thankfully I don't have anyone who doesn't understand or says stupid things.

I don't much talk about it anymore, although here and there it will come up. More with older friends, since they remember and will sometimes mention how things were back then. But I don't bring it up too often with newer friends. My mom and I sometimes talk about it, since it seems like a different life. But it is always in a positive way.

I don't hide it from anyone, so I guess it is even. I mean, I don't tell the grocery store checker...but my friends and relatives all know about it.
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