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December 13th, 2011, 04:14 PM
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First off I really don't believe in ODD. I feel it's a I give up diagnoses.

Is hospitalization an option for her if she's a risk to herself or others? Have her write in a daily journal and you write in a journal about her behavior. Bring that with you the first time she's a threat to her self or others. let them Diagnose her don't bring up ODD unless they do. It may be easier to have her inpatient so she can be evaluated, stabilize, therapy can be establish not just for her but individual for each of you and family therapy. It'll also give you a rest.

Can your primary care doctor help with trying a mood stabilizer, anti-depressants, something up until the appointment. Try to see if you can get into another place even if you have to travel because the appointments are usually at most 1x a month. How is she in school? Is she or can she get into a therapeutic school setting?

I may be able to help you more if you give more information. I was that kid. I am bipolar I with psychotic symptoms, ED-nos, anxiety and OCD. I'm a former alcoholic, drug addict and got clean at 17.I started drinking @ 9, drugs @ 12 and was sleeping around at 13. I isolated my family and friends but felt they left me out or hated me. We had and I saw several knock down drag out fights because my sibling also has bipolar 1. I watched as she push one car into another. then pushed both through the garage and into the house. I felt every car ride was a trick to get me to the pych. ward.

I've only asked for help 3x in my life. The first 2 where ignored, the last I was old enough to get it myself. I've done some horrible things but am only now realizing how it has effected my loved ones. Other times my husband has made me get help and med non-compliance has always been my downfall.

I want to take the time to say that even with all my untreated issues I was still a good mom after the year of adjustment where my husband took all responsibility for our child. I have a great relationship with my DH. I may not be as accomplished as others but having a "normal" life with a family even w/o the 9-5 is more then I ever dreamt for myself.

I will be erasing this after you respond.

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