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December 14th, 2011, 05:25 AM
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1. If you could by an HCG meter, similar to a blood-glucose meter, where you could test your HCG at home, would you buy one? Probably not. I'm thinking that I don't have the personal strength for all of this testing.

2. What do you like most about your current doctor? Least? Most: That he won't be my doctor by the end of this week. Least? Um, where do I begin? He is abrupt. He lectured me about the lifecyle of a woman's egss -- as if I was a moron. He didn't do what pretty much everyone would consider basic testing and instead rushed us into IUI. He never even completed a physical exam -- a nurse did it instead. And when I asked about testing he discarded my question like I was some sort of neurotic hypochondriac with a testing addiction. Plus -- perhaps TMI -- when he was called in by the nurse to help with the IUI because she couldn't get the cath in, well, I have never had a doctor who was that aggressive, forceful and abrupt work down there. I mean, we weren't re-setting a shoulder, we were just trying to figure out if my uterus was straight. And I get the feeling that he never actually even looked at those 5 pages of questions we answered nor really analyzed our test results beyond a 30 second summary.

Ok, sorry about that. Little rant. Please excuse the ranting lady on the verge of AF.
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