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December 14th, 2011, 12:06 PM
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I had to take a month off after each clomid cycle back in 2008, because I was always developing cysts and had to let them rest and I am allergic to BCP so it was just a rest month.

This time around, I've not had to rest, but my first clomid cycle was a BFP(ectopic loss), second cycle got canceled because I had an LH surge when my dominant follicle was only at 13, third cycle was another BFP(chemical), and we've not had another ultrasound since.

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Me: 27, PCOS, ENDO, RPL, severe vitamin D defficiency
Him: 36, severe MFI post VR but counts climbing

2006-2015 7+ years of NTNP, TTC, TTCMA, Losses, Surgeries, and Diagnoses.
RPL and Genetic Tests came back 100% normal | Endo, PCOS, severe MFI
Multiple early losses between 3 and 8 weeks.

IVF referral in= 7/2017
RE Appt #1- 8/22/2017- doctor swears I don't have PCOS or RPL, go VEGAN to cure all
RE Appt #2- 8/24/2017- sono shows clear cysts, high afc, all bloodwork comes back PCOS typical

PAUSED UNTIL JANUARY 2018 to find a new IVF clinic

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