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December 14th, 2011, 01:06 PM
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It really depends. I have PCOS, and when we started clomid originally I had horribly cystic ovaries and was anovulatory. We'd tried BCP to suppress my cysts and that was when we discovered my allergy to them. I've since made major lifestyle changes and my PCOS is under much better control, though I still have cystic ovaries. As long as my cysts are small and my e2 is under control, my RE will let me cycle with cysts. Anything over 10mm would cause him to want to wait a cycle to see what the cyst does. That hasn't been an issue so far, because I've yet to have any cysts that large while actively cycling

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Him: 36, severe MFI post VR but counts climbing

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RPL and Genetic Tests came back 100% normal | Endo, PCOS, severe MFI
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IVF referral in= 7/2017
RE Appt #1- 8/22/2017- doctor swears I don't have PCOS or RPL, go VEGAN to cure all
RE Appt #2- 8/24/2017- sono shows clear cysts, high afc, all bloodwork comes back PCOS typical

PAUSED UNTIL JANUARY 2018 to find a new IVF clinic

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