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December 14th, 2011, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by liza17 View Post
When I came home from the hospital the worst thing was when people that have seen me pregnant asked me "oh you had your baby" or "Did you have the baby yet?" I would reply we lost him and leave right away. I do have a huge family that I asked not to comunicate with me for a month because I did not want anyone to see me so sad or answer any of their questions.
Oh my goodness yes. The day Cora was born was my last scheduled day of work before maternity leave. I was on "any day now" terms with all our regular customers. When she died, my boss told all my coworkers, but none of our customers knew. They, of course, expected that I'd gone into labor and had my baby like normal.

When I came back, everyone said "Oh, you're back! How's your baby?" WITHOUT fail. And since I didn't see EVERY one of our regulars on my shifts, it went on for weeks. I had to get a new job.
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