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December 14th, 2011, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Repti.Mom View Post
I like leaving a voicemail too, otherwise it's really awkward I'm always like um.. this is Beth, so and so's mom, then the person seems confused... you're having a party duh!! lol and then I tell them so and so is or is not attending the party. If they're not coming I always feel the need to make up an excuse that is better than what is really happening. LOL

As for the dad thing, I'm sorry for her . It certainly might not be the case that he couldn't have visitation the minute he stepped back in her life. I had a situation like that.. but keep in mind custody and visitation are way different than primary physical placement, and you'll still call all the shots.
Even still calling the shots, and knowing visitation and custody and all that jazz are different, I just have an ill taste in my mouth about her having no idea about him and knowing only my SO and step dad (the only father figures in her life since she was a baby) and then suddenly having a "Dad" in her life... even if it was visitation. I just think it would do more harm than good. I just have an ill taste in my mouth about it, especially since I don't think any good intentions could come from it since his entire family haven't given a **** about her for 8 years and didnt care enough to pick up the phone to ask about her, to write her, to send a birthday present, to notify me that her great grandfather died... all that stuff basically tells me that his entire family doesn't deserve her so I really don't think he deserves her no matter how much time passes. That's just me though. My SO is the one that has been there for the snotty noses, the sick days, the special days, the birthdays, the outings, and for every day in between. **shrugs** Ya know?
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