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December 15th, 2011, 12:22 PM
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December 15th 2011

Well it is no shock that I have now started getting sick in the morning....are you another gorgeous daughter? Or a sneaky boy trying to trick Mommy? I have mainly just been nauseaous ALL DAY and NIGHT until bedtime but this week I have actually gotten sick last few days in a row. No fun I tell ya!

My first doctor appointment went really well although it was quite uneventful. The nurse was very nice and talkative with me but she didn't even try to hear your heartbeat as she said it would be too early yet She did say that if I cannot wait until my next appointment with the OB on January 12th I could pop in before then and have a listen

I have to go get bloodwork done around Christmas sometime as well. Other than that nothing exciting to report except Christmas is coming which means we will be telling your big sisters about you as well as our other family members and friends!

Love you firefly even if you are making mommy miserable right now.
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