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December 15th, 2011, 08:11 PM
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What are some specific, daily things that you find difficult to do because there are multiples in your home?

Today, I was trying to open, refill, and then reclose a sippy cup for the baby standing in the floor (standing isn't exactly the word... more like throwing a tantrum with her arms wrapped around my knees)... all with the OTHER baby in my arms. Not as easy as it sounds.

Later, I was letting the baby in my arms talk to his aunt on the phone. The baby on the floor acted like she wanted a turn, so I held the phone to her ear, and she promptly ran away with it. When I caught up to her, she turned in circles with her arm out so I couldn't reach the phone, so I'm in the middle of the living room, baby in my arms, turning circles around another baby while trying to take away the phone. Hubby laughed at me.

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