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December 15th, 2011, 09:28 PM
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Hi My names Brandie age 29. My husband's name is Carl age 26. We've been married for almost 4 years and decided to start trying for a baby in August of 2010. Before that I was on the pill with a normal cycle of every 30-32 days lasting 5-7 days in length (even on the pill).

Before we started this journey we had 2 things on our mind. 1) that since I have a son from a previous relationship that I'm fine to have kids. and 2) that my husband had leukemia as a child (has had a clean bill of health since middle school) that we weren't sure if he could have kids because of Chemo.

So I guess I should give a bit of back story before beginning the present story. As a teenager I had a normal cycle every 30-32 days lasting 5-7 days. When I was 19 years old I got pregnant with my son while on the pill and anti-biotics. Had a horrible labor and delivery (c-section and spent 8 days in the hospital and son was in there for 5 days) After I had him I had the normal bleed you would have after giving birth. Then 2 normal cycles and my period stopped. I went to my dr thinking "OMG I'm pregnant again!" He told me that I wasn't pregnant and he THINKS I'm still ovulating but I'm just not having a period. WTH? He didn't run any tests, didn't do anything to help me! He just started talking about putting me on birth control. So we agreed upon Depo provera. He didn't offer me any real insight to this medicine about problems it might cause me, just that it was great I only had to get a shot every 3 months and I was protected. So I get my 1st shot that day. Well 2 and 1/2 to 3 months later I'm still producing breast milk and since I wasn't breast feeding I knew something wasn't right! I started to look on the internet about the Depo shot and a LOT of people were having issues with it affecting their body negatively. So I didn't go back for another shot. My ex and I split up before our son was a year old and since I wasn't with anyone else or trying to have a baby I wasn't on the pill anymore and wasn't having a period. It stopped again after 3 cycles. I wasn't that bothered since I wasn't with anyone.

Fast forward a few years and I meet my now husband and since we weren't ready for children I got back on the pill and back to having a monthly cycle. Well 3 years later we decided we were ready for a baby and wanted to start ttc.

So I got off the pill in August 2010 and had 2 natural cycles then I missed a cycle. Of course we got excited but every test was negative. So then I went 6 months (april 2011) without a cycle before I went to the doctor for some advice. My dr sent me to an OB-GYN. I went to this OB at least dozen times (april-june 2011) and the ONLY thing she did for me was to put me on some kind of pill that forced me to have a period. She did blood work but said that everything looked good and started talking about putting me back on the pill for 3 months. I was like woah wait a minute...we know I have a cycle on the pill it's when I'm NOT on the pill that my cycle stops! So I started looking for another dr and other ways to work my cycle out.

I did some research and started taking an herb called Dong quai and found another OB. I took the Dong quai for 2 weeks in July 2011 then quit because it gave me headaches including the worst migraine headache I've ever had. This new OB decided that my husband needed a sperm count and I needed to have an HSG. Well my test came back perfect. No blockage. My husbands test was inconclusive. They said his sperm was too thick to count so they sent him to a testicular dr to test for varicose veins which came back fine. The testicular dr said that he believes the thick sperm was simply due to dehydration. (my husband works in a factory with no air conditioning). Told him to hydrate hydrate hydrate and to retest in September. Haven't been back to this OB yet as our insurance money is getting rather thin. Will make another appointment with him after the 1st of the year.

Well Sept 2011 comes around and I finally have a natural period w/o any meds on my own accord. I didn't think anything about it as I'm not charting (had never heard of doing so before doing research and finding justmommies). Anyway 1st of Oct and my boobs are getting really sore and I'm having heart burn (which I NEVER have) and I'm peeing a lot and so I start thinking hmmm so I bought a pregnancy test and took it on Oct 9 2011 and BFP!!! My husband and i were super excited after all this time trying and we finally have a possitive test!!! I even had to retest again on Oct 10, 2011 because I was having such a hard time believing it!! Well on Oct 12, 2011 I started spotting brown discharge which I wasn't too concerned about because I know it sometimes normal to have some spotting and it was only when I whipped that I was having the brown discharge. Well by Oct 14 I was starting to have bright red flow. I didn't think this was normal at all and I knew I was losing the baby. My boobs weren't sore anymore, I wasn't having heart burn. I just knew things weren't right. Well at 4:30 am on Oct the 16th I was awaken from a dead sleep to some of the worst cramping pains I have had and by 5:30am I had passed the baby. I was so heartbroken. I made an appointment to see my doctor and she did a pelvic exam and I had indeed lost the baby, but everything was passed normally and there was no need for a d&c.

This has however answered our question as to weather my husband can father children. We were relieved that the answer is of course YES! But this brings us to current. I am back to not having a period. I haven't had one since Sept (if you don't count the one in October where I lost the baby). I decided that I was going to give Chastberry(vitex) a try since I've seen so many people have such great results from it. I ordered one from Walgreens Problem is that It has dong quai mixed in with it and it's in a higher dose than the bottle of dong quai I already have at home. I've been taking it for the last 3 weeks. I've started getting headaches again and they are gradually getting worse so I've decided to stop taking the pill. I did order another form of Vitex (one w/o dong quai) and we will see how that goes.

Since I haven't had a period lately I did take 2 pregnancy tests yesterday and the day before (one at night and one in the morning) and both were negative. I am however having some strange sensations in my pelvic area altho it is the only symptoms I'm currently having. We shall see where we go from here.....(to be continued)
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