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December 16th, 2011, 08:23 AM
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At my appointment on Wednesday, November 29th(at which I was 41w2d) we finally booked my induction. Dr Bethune called the hospital, and let me know that tomorrow was the day! We were to call the hospital around 6:30 and be there around 7.

A sleepless night later, I call the hospital to confirm we can be induced. There are three labour rooms and two birthing rooms, the labour rooms are very tiny, didn't want it. They advise I should get there soon as there are three of us on the books to induce. EEEKK

So wake Adam up and we book it to the QEH. Get pre-admitted and head to L&D. They acknowledge there are three of us going to be coming in, and to just start the monitoring of the baby, and wait for Dr Bethune to get in to make the decision. So we are chilling waiting… And waiting… And waiting… So at 8:45ish, one of the nurses comes in with an IV kit, says Dr Bethune hasn't decided which gets induced so they picked me and are getting me started. YAYYYYYYY. Once the iv is started we get to move to the birthing room.

Here I get a shocker. I will be hooked up to the monitors and iv til i deliver. I did not know this. The induction protocol will be breaking my water and then to start pitocin. Dr Bethune checked me, 2cm, wow 1cm since yesterday, this made me happy, maybe I just need a bit of a push to go into labour. Breaking my waters, clear and more than I thought happened at 9am. Pitocin was started half an hour later at 9:30am. It was started at 10mg and raised 10mg every half hour til the max of 120 is reached.

From here on in, its chill time. Surprisingly, being strapped to a bed, doesn't drag on. I can start feeling the contractions by 1:30, and by 5 they are strong enough that I can't talk and have to turn inward to focus. Ask the nurse to check, am at 3 cm. At this point, I reached the max dose of 120 at 3pm. I only gained 1cm. I felt like crying. I wanted a natural birth so bad. Also at this time they decided to up my pit to 130. We continue to soldier on. at 8pm my contractions are every 3 mins, lasting at least 40 seconds and I felt ilke I was dying. By 8:30, I crumble and ask for pain meds. They decide to give me demerol. NEVER AGAIN. I was so nauseous and groggy from this med. A tiny sip of water made me throw up. Worst of all, with how ****** it made me feel, I didn't get much pain relief.

At this point they up it again to 140. I'm debating smashing my head against the wall. I am in so much pain… and SURPRISE, still 3cm. by 10-10:30, I am begging for an epidural. I was watching the clock. And oh thank god sweet jesus, I got it! by about 11:00 pm Dr Bethune was back and said at 12 we would make a decision to do a Csection or not. At this point, I am exhausted from only getting 3 hours sleep, no food since 6:30, pitocin. A family friend of Adams, Aletha stops in to say hi, she's a nurse and lets us know they are holding the OR for us(otherwise she would be home lol).

Dr Bethune stops in at 12, and checks me, still 3. My body did not want to go into labour I guess. As much as I wanted a medfree vaginal birth, I'm ok with the csection at this point. I just want my baby here. It seems like boom we are off.

Get to the OR, Adam stays back, it was pretty scary But we got ready to go. When Adam comes in they start cutting and I have a panic attack, feels like my belly button is ripping. They get me calmed down, and its almost baby time. I hear "It's a girl". I am ashamed to admit this, but I looked at Adam with apology in my eyes over her being a girl and not a boy. But then I hear screaming and I start bawling, its the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life! She came into this world at 12:42 am(which since I got my induction appt I was saying baby was going to wait til Dec 1st, like barely after 12). She had her cord wrapped twice around her neck, which makes it a **** good thing she didn't come vaginally. She recovered great from the Csection. Me on the other hand, not so much. I was in recovery for 3.5 hours. The meds weren't leaving my system and had no leg movement, as well I kept passing out do to low blood pressure. But by approx. 4am, I am on the obgyn floor and I have my baby!!!!

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