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December 16th, 2011, 07:16 PM
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I've had a lot of them. Actually its really common to have abnormal paps during pregnancy. Something to do with the hormones I guess... Anyway, I've had a laser conization outside of pregnancy (a gift I'm sure from my exhusband) so I've had a ton of colposcopies over the years. When I had the abnormal when pregnant, they just did the colposcopy and nothing else. They took a wait and watch approach and decided not to do anything until after I delivered as most cases clear up after delivery and that the cells get "scrapped" off during delivery. The colposcopy itself isn't painful. They do spray a vinegar (?) wash down on the cervix to make the abnormal cells turn white and easier to see. If you weren't pregnant they might do a punch biopsy which I found rather painful (but I'm a wimp), but it wasn't only painful for a minute. I think they really try to avoid the punch biopsies when pregnant though.
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