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December 16th, 2011, 10:33 PM
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Substituting milk isn't all that hard. There are some butters even. We use fleischmanns (sp?) unsalted for baking and blue bonnet LIGHT for everything else. We initially used soy, rice, and hemp milk for substitutes but Danny has developed allergies to the first two and hates the third. Oat milk and soy milk work well in baking, rice milk was terrible for us with baking though. Others have used it and been fine but when we tried everything was cracker consistency. Now we use oat milk. I would suggest rotating between soy, rice, and nut based milks if you can tolerate the nut milks. It lessens the likelyhood of developing an allergy to a new one. When buying foods look on the labels. All US foods have to declare milk as an ingredient. It will either be bolded in the ingredients list of under teh allergy warning. For items being processed with them you shouldn't have an issue. Have you looked into the possibility of the lobster being the issue? Shellfish allergies are also very common. :/ I would check that as well just to make sure he is okay with it. Danny has 13 (maybe 14) food allergies so I have a hard time knowing what is just milk free but I do know that walmart's deli italian bread is milk free and walmart brand childn nuggets are milk free as well as little lender's plain bagels (danny is allergic to the other flavors so I can't help there...) I would definitely try to get the shellfish tested though... That is right up there with the milk likleyhood... :/ Did they give you an epipen or just tell you to keep benadryl with you? If they didn't tell you either make sure you have benadryl with you at all times and a way to measure out his dosage. Let me know if you need anything else!!!

Be VERY carful with using a lot of soy. Children with milk allergies or intolerances are often allergic to soy or develop allergies to soy when they eat a lot of it. The proteins are very similar and are thus often lumped into one group by the child's immune system if it is consummed enough...that is what happened with Danny....

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