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December 17th, 2011, 03:18 AM
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Originally Posted by MissMeliss0522 View Post
So on Sept 28th I had my iud removed as we were TTC on the same day I had a pap done. A week later it came back abnormal. My first abnormal
Pap ever, I was freaked. I was called by my midwife who said we want to do a colposcopy, she also wanted me to go in for a blood test to verify I wasn't already pregnant. Even though she thought I wouldn't be. Well that day of the blood test I was notified my betas were 8. Hmm so soon?! She wanted me to go back in a week for another check they were 837. I explained to my midwife my concerns about the colposcopy and told me that since I were pregnant they would not do a biopsy and if I were uncomfortable with the colposcopy during pregnancy that we could follow up after delivery. Fine by me! Typically they will not biopsy if you are pregnant, and all they would do is watch and wait. So I don't see why waiting until delivery is unacceptable, my midwife supports my choice. Just know that if you are fearful about results etc or what if it's the C word. That particular type of C is very slow growing and waiting until you are ready won't have an impact. And more time than not, everything clears up after delivery anyway. Try not to worry although I know firsthand it's easier said than done.
Sex up to 48 hours before a pap can give abnormal readings as well. Most women don't know that. They also might just require a pap every three mo to make sure there are no dramatic changes that require intervention. I had paps every three mo for a few years, then once it clears up and you get a normal pap, they move on to ever six mo, then after two of those, every year.
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