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December 17th, 2011, 08:24 AM
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A forum DH is on is doing this challenge and I thought I'd bring it here. Every week in the new year I'll have a theme following the format below. I challenge each of you to try it each week and to share what you've done.

Week 1 of a month: Specific ingredient (eg. "eggs week", "spaghetti squash week")
Week 2 of a month: Theme/Cultural/Inspiration (eg. "greek week", "color week" “movie week”)
Week 3 of a month: Dish type (eg. "casserole week", "breakfast food week")
Week 4 of a month: Cooking Technique (eg. "pan frying week", "slow cooking week")

The hope is for us all to branch out with our cooking and to gain new ideas in the process. I will post in advance what the theme will be so that those of you that buy several weeks worth of groceries can plan this into your list.

ETA: I will be buying a small board-related prize for whoever participates the most.

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