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December 19th, 2011, 01:21 PM
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Hi, I am a step mom of two wonderful little girls; 8 and 5. Their mother did meth and drank during both pregnancies. The oldest has developmently caught up with the rest of her class (and has passed the class avg in math!!!). Her mother drank and used meth more often the w/ her second but was put in rehab at around 3-4 months into pregnancy. The youngest will be 6 in march and talks less then my 2.5. Yr old nephew. Her coordination is less developed then my nephew. She does like to organize and put same colored items together. She is always happy unless she gets in trouble and cries irrationally (way more dramatic and long lasting then other children). They did have her tested for autism which was not the problem, but the mother will NOT mention her drug use to anyone, she thinks her daughter is "dumb" (her words). Anyways I have looked up meth use during pregnancy and I can't find much on long term affects. I'm so lost on this. She is so far behind I think she needs more help then she's getting. Anyone with ideas
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