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December 19th, 2011, 05:57 PM
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Welcome! I'm Melissa (30), and DH (32) and I have been labeled as "unexplained infertility." We have a 17-month-old conceived on our first IVF cycle. We're preparing for a frozen embryo transfer in January.

You described the same thing a lot of us had with our OB/GYNs...they really aren't that motivated to make things happen. They are used to dealing with pregnant women all the time, so they don't have the tools or sensitivity to know how to handle us. When I switched to an RE, it was like night and day...I hope that you have the same experience.

Have you already had your medical records sent to the RE? It usually helps them if they have a background to go on...the first appointment is usually a lot of chatting about your history and goals. Some REs also do basic bloodwork and an u/s, but it depends on where you are in your cycle.

Good luck on the 29th...I hope you like the doc and have a solid plan so you can ring in 2013 with a little one

Melissa & DH
IVF babies Claire (5), Abigail (3) and George (3)

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