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December 20th, 2011, 08:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Ash View Post
I know I never come here anymore, but popped in and saw your news. I am not even sure if you would remember me. Anyway, congrats on your beautiful babies.
Hi ash yes I remember you. Thanks for popping in.

Well mom is home and it is hard going but we are getting into a routine and she is getting more movement back every day.
But I still have to get up that bit earlier and get her up and ready etc before I start work so I'm pretty tired.

I have been very sick the last few days it started out as a head cold but got worse I only got 2 hrs sleep last night because I couldn't breath and was coughing and sneezing all night. So I rang in sick to work.
I know my boss is going to go mad because its Christmas week and I'm over the toy department but there was no way I could go in.

I went to the Dr and he said I have a bad viral chest infection so he gave me antibiotics and a nasal spray to help me breath. He said my immune system was stretched to the limit because of the Twins and my body can't fight it off. So he told me to take the week off work and gave me a cert.
I'd prefer to be working to tell you the truth because I feel so awful.

I'll take a new pic this week at some stage. While I was at the Dr he checked the babies both heart beats are still good and strong and my blood pressure is perfect so at least that side of things are going great.


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