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December 20th, 2011, 09:31 PM
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5 weeks & 2 days

I posted my 4- and 5-week belly pics in the first post.

I've had fairly mild symptoms up until now, but today things got more pronounced. My BBs are actually less sore, though they are filling out. I felt like my bra was cutting into me all day. I am so TIRED. I have major bloating. I am a lot more hungry, but I feel nauseous when I eat. And if I don't eat a little something, I feel nauseous too. It's definitely not full-blown morning sickness, but it's a crummy feeling.

I'm embracing it all, though, because I'm so, so, so happy to be pregnant!

I only work a half-day tomorrow, and then I'll be off until January 3. Time for some R&R.

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