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December 21st, 2011, 09:41 PM
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Back to the very beginning:
My period cramps were so bad that my doctor told me to start skipping the week of BC pills that allows me to have my period. I would take one pill and have my period then start the white pills to end it. On April 11th i took one pink pill and had my period the next day. Normally when i missed a few pills i would have my period no matter the time of the month. When i missed a few pills and nothing happened i stopped the pills all together just to be safe. Within a week i was sick and almost threw up in my car multiple times. I craved onions and would eat them raw, normally i HATE any kind of onion. I would be exhausted all day but i would not be able to sleep at night. I was very gassy and cranky for four weeks. When i caved and took HPT's they we were all negative. When the symptoms continued i went and had a blood test done. The doctors called the next day and said my results were borderline positive and there was a good chance i was pregnant. I went in two days later to get a follow up test and they said it was negative and i was probably ovulating. I was VERY upset with the mixed up results. They next day i had a very painful and very heavy period all day. A month later at a friends unltrasound i asked the doctor about my situation, he said i had had a miscarriage and my doctors did not explain the results well enough to me. Can someone please explain what happened? I found out my HCG levels were at first 10 and then they dropped to a 2.
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