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August 14th, 2006, 10:11 PM
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Sorry you've felt like hell!! I do know what you mean though. Sounds like things are moving quickly??
from going from completely hard, to soft etc... thats good.!!!!

Its strange how we know when we feel 'different' like "something is happening" I feel that way as well. Though I went to the doc last Tue and he said 'no dialaiting' or effaced but my cervix was soft. But I think something has changed lately?? Maybe I am just analyzing too much?? I go tommarow so well see the progress then. if any at all, but lately the only progress is ON THE SCALE!

I see how you'd be paranoid, but just stay in tune with your body and L&D on speed dial. It was probably a good idea to cancle your trip-even though you might of wanted to go. The first time I was pregnant, like 8weeks, I almost cancled my trip to Alaska which had been planned for 1 year- I am glad I didn't I would of missed out on alot. (i ended up w, a mc later on)

Your not bad parents-- don't think that, just get a car seat soon thats all. O and as far as a NAME--

YOUR NOT ALONE!!!!! I don't have one either.!

I cant tell you about all the rapidness, but I'll just wish you luck This will be my first, so I have no experience to share with you sorry

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