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December 22nd, 2011, 04:30 PM
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I knew you'd notice me lurking lol I am feeling horrible really, worse pg ever, I was never sick with my boys so fingers crossed this is our girl!

The boys are absolutely thrilled and both want a sister so bad I'm afraid Stone wouldn't accept another brother lol It was a very big surprise for us but ofcourse we are thrilled.

When I found out I was very very upset as my little sister had been TTC for months and had recently had a chemical pg, so I was very nervous to tell her.

I waited until I could talk to her face to face, her reaction was the best in the entire world. She started screaming happily and dug through her purse, handing me a piece of paper with proof of a BFP from the dr.

Turns out she was a month ahead of me and was keeping quiet due to her past chemical!!

We made our parents a card with this photo.

2012 is going to be awesome!

How are you boys and baby girl doing?!

Thank you *Kiliki* for my gorgeous siggie!
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