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December 26th, 2011, 08:48 PM
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I had constant UTI's when pregnant with my oldest. Like every appt! At 28w I went to the ER with a fever and puking. Had a double kidney infection, e-coli, and a severe UTI. I was in the hospital on IV antibiotics for 5.5 days. And then put on a low dose of antibiotics until I had my son. He was born at 38w2d because I was induced for pre-e.

While pregnant with my second..I had NO UTI's, but still ended up with pre-e in my 38th week and had him healthy at 38w4d.

Load up on cranberry juice..real stuff NOT the cocktail stuff. Ask your OB/mw if its okay to take a cranberry pill also. Keep pushing fluids. And don't be scared if they do end up putting you on a low dose antibiotic until baby is born. UTI's are so common in pregnancy. Make sure you are staying clean down there. Get a peri bottle or flushable wipes(kids Kandoo wipes are cheap at Target vs the "feminine wipes") to use when going pee. Try to "air dry" a bit if you can, always after a shower. Breathable cotton undies, no tight clothing(jeans).

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