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December 27th, 2011, 05:29 AM
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Originally Posted by frgsonmysox View Post
Why is she a hypocrite?
It would depend Beth. If she was saying it is okay because of her situation then that might be hypocritical. It would be like you saying you are environmentally conscious & really believing that is important and telling others they should recycle, cloth diaper, use less paper, etc & THEN using sposies, lots of paper & tossing everything in the trash. It totally depends on the specific situation, the persons intent/actions & what they are doing to change it. I do tell people the reasons why they should recycle if it comes up, but I also do NOT profess to get it right all the time & I am working all the time to do better than I was doing last month or last year. I fully acknowledge that I fall off the wagon & I never try to represent it that I have it all worked out. If someone knows what the bible says regarding sexuality AND professes to be Christian while actively seeking to make money off arousing strangers, then they are potentially being hypocritical. It is one thing to make mistakes, it's another to purposefully walk into that same situation day after day. I generally would call ANYONE a hypocrite who professes or preaches one thing & lives a life completely differently from what they claim to believe. It makes no difference if it is a religious belief or not & it makes no difference if we are talking about sexuality & Christianity or "green" people driving huge SUVs.

I also disagree that it is les hyposcritical from a religious standpoint when one is broke. If all bets ar eoff when you are broke, then what is the point in the firs tplace? Who needs a set of convenient beliefs that only apply when life goes well? It is easy to be kind & help others & feed the poor when you live in a great house with two cars, etc. The true measure of anyone's "faith" in anything is their willingness to stick to those beliefs even when it's not convenient, even when it means taking the hard road. I tease my sister who gives me grief about how I have a ton of recycling stacked everywhere. It is EASY for her. She lives where they have amazing curbside recycling. They come to her weekly & there is NO charge. She isn't even "big" on recycling, but it's easy & free, so she "might as well". I have a literal 4 hr window once a week & have to pay a small FEE to drop mine off with no option for even paid curbside pickup. So she has a house that is often clutter free & recycles a LOT. I have to try harder - it doesn't mean I should stop recycling & say *** it since it's a PITA. If it were her? She'd toss it in the trash because her BELIEF in recycling is not as deep as her need for tidiness - beyond that - she'd just toss it. She isn't a hypocrite - she's a fair-weather recycler.
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