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December 27th, 2011, 04:20 PM
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I don't know if this has been done recently, if it has I missed it and am sorry, but I thought it might be nice for everyone to post their brief TTC(MA) history here. I know as a n00b it would help me understand everyone's story better. I'll start with mine:

I spent something like 6 years on various types of birth control, mostly the pill. I came off of it when DH and I decided to TTC. It took us 13 months, but we got pregnant on our own. I carried to term, but due to complications, he spent his five days in the NICU and never made it home. About seven months later, I was pregnant again, only to have a very early miscarriage during the fifth week. A few months passed and I started the period from Hell -- I'd been bleeding 5 weeks and finally went in to see an RE, hoping he could help regulate my body (my cycles had always been irregular) and speed this process along. I mean, January marks three years we've been waiting to have a family. He prescribed 100mg Clomid, 2mg Estradiol, Ovidrel for trigger, and 200mg Progesterone suppositories 2x/day for 14 days. This seemed to work, as I got my BFP! But it turned out to be chemical. Right now I'm waiting for AF and doing the same regimen in hopes I get my sticky bean soon.

With us on earth for five short days, with us in our hearts forever.
(Thank you Natasha for this beautiful graphic of Andrew, and to the ladies of the Nov 10 PR who help me in carrying on his memory.)

Jan. 2009: Came off years of BCP and started TTC
March 2010: BFP -- finally!
Oct. 22, 2010: Drew is born, but has to stay in the NICU because of cord complications resulting in oxygen deprivation and brain problems =(
Oct. 27, 2010: I held him in my arms while Daddy, Grandma, Great-Uncle and I sang him to sleep =( Hardest thing I've ever done...
June 14, 2011: Drew's baby brother or sister waved hi to us with a BFP!
June 25, 2011: Natural miscarriage... Can we please catch a break here?
Nov. 2011: 100mg Clomid followed by 2mg Estrogen, Ovidrel trigger, and 200mg progesterone suppositories 2x/day 14 days. BFN.
Dec. 2011: 2nd medicated cycle. BFN.
Jan. 2012: Took a month off to breathe...
Feb. 2012: Same regimen of Clomid and other meds, add IUI. 2 eggs and 8.5 million swimmers. BFN.
March 2012: 75 IU Follistim CD 3-11, follie scan CD 8 showed 6 follies likely to mature. Triggered, IUI on CD 14, 4 million swimmers. BFN.
April 2012: 75 IU Follistim CD 3-10. Scan showed 2 mature follies, 2 almost certain to mature, and two not likely but possible. (All 6 evenly and perfectly spaced out between the left and the right.) Triggered, IUI CD 13 with 5 million swimmers. BFN.
May 2012: 75 IU Follistim starting CD 3. Waiting to O. Timed intercourse. Likely 5 follies to mature.

^^ Click graphic for chart ^^

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